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My life as an artist began at age 3 when with both eyes patched post-surgery, I requested crayons and paper. Art and family have always been central to my life.  
After my education as a Fine Arts Major at the University of Pennsylvania and a Bachelor of Arts from Barnard College, I raised a family and continued my art education in the form of classes with eminent artists in a variety of mediums. We were fortunate enough to be able to travel extensively and I always took thousands of photos with future paintings in mind.
A badly behaved Portuguese Water Dog, Murray, entered my life and literally became my muse.   Pastels turned out to the perfect medium to capture his abundant hair and its texture.!    He completely changed my work and made me a complete convert to pastels.  I began to paint a significant number of pastel pet portraits.  I’ve been told that this work evokes many emotions,  especially when commissioned in remembrance of pets who have crossed the rainbow bridge.

Bloomim'Radishes24 x 18.JPG

Why I Love What I Do

There’s nothing like pastels! I’m literally holding the color in my hands and placing it directly on the paper. I am now able to put all of my emotions directly into my work. The colors are incredible and when I want intricate detail, as in a still life with lace or glass, I can use pastel pencils.  

Whether I’m working on a still life, a portrait of a pet, or a travel scene, every piece I produce reflects my passion, dedication and attention to detail.

Somas Beaded Collar.jpg

Discover Terri's Passion for Pastels

GoodMorniingVietnam18 x 12.JPG
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